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About the Photographer


My name is Vanessa and I love having the opportunity to capture moments in time through photography! I get excited about having the chance to work with families to help customize an experience that they will remember forever. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, I believe this is true because a photograph has the power to transports you back to the time that the picture was taken. By looking at a photography you are instantly able to recall the memories of the people in the images and the time surrounding it. You remember the feelings that you had in the moment, the moments that have past, and the changes that have happened since the photo was taken. Photography have a power all its own and I love it!


What makes me most excited with the sessions: Showing the images after they have been taken. I love the excitement in the room when my clients are able to see the images that have been captured. My second favorite is delivering the final prints and products, and knowing that they will be cherished for years to come!


Why photograph babies and families: Because babies are only little once and change so fast! I love working with babies to help capture the miracle of a new life and capture all of the special moments of the new family as well as the accomplishments of the baby as they grow through the years. I also love working with families because family is everything! Life changes so quickly and you never know when the moment you thought would last forever can change in an instant. Cherish every moment you have and capture the memories along the way.


How long have I been a photographer: Professionally 10 years, as a hobby many many more! I have a picture of myself when I was 7 on a family vacation with a camera around my neck and I remember setting up a "Photo studio" in my living room when I was 13 to do a photo session with my little sister complete with backdrops (sheets) push pinned into the ceiling (sorry Mom and Dad!) and wardrobe changes and props for my sister. 


Do I have any formal education: Yes, I decided to pursue photography professionally in 2006 and enrolled in the prestigious Hallmark Institute of Photography. Hallmark provided a rigorous 10-month intensive program that taught all elements of photography. I proudly graduated in June of 2007 and have  worked as a family and newborn photographer since, photographing thousands of babies and families throughout the years.